A Relaxation Oasis

Our customers wanted a space to relax with their family but they had one big problem—namely that their backyard was so steep that it wasn’t possible to put in a pool. We found the solution: we filled in the backyard and built a 6-foot retaining wall for our customers to have their dream outdoor space. Our customer did not want a tradition wooden deck but the property posed many grade challenges in which we needed to over came.



A Place to Entertain

This beautiful Techo-Bloc paver patio is the perfect place to entertain. The customer didn’t quite have a vision on what they wanted so we helped them with our expertise to make decisions that worked for them. The space flows naturally from the house to the outdoors with beautifully shaped stairs leading to a large patio. It has the look and feel of a new room. With a large open space for plenty of room to entertain, it features a custom outdoor kitchen and dining area.



A “Curb Appeal” Home Makeover

This home needed a “curb appeal” home makeover. We stripped it down to the earth and started from scratch. We returned the customer’s favorite trees, shrubs and perennials, and spaced them perfectly to avoid overcrowding. To make maintenance easier, we laid thick weed fabric, then covered it with an attractive red rock. Next came the custom-built and beautiful Uni-Lock Brussels paver walkway with a burgundy red Copthorne and Town Hall stripe boarder and circle inlay to finish off the look.



Commercial Work

The staff at Lego in Enfield, Connecticut wanted a beautiful, warm, inviting space that was just right for their company. They gave us plenty of space to work with and we discussed its intended uses, and the people who would enjoy it. We designed a large open patio, accented with raised planters, landscape lighting and two beautiful pergolas. It is now the perfect space for the employees to gather and enjoy.



A Functional Space

Maybe you just need something functional. Are your old steps falling apart? Do you need a walkway to get you from Point A to Point B? Or maybe you just need a small patio off of that slider door? No problem! We handle the small jobs that will make your life easier and safer too.